Copia di Grappa Prosecco

  • Copia di Grappa Prosecco
  • Copia di Grappa Prosecco
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XXVIII Premio Nazionale Etichetta d'Oro: Gran Premio della Giuria - Categoria Liquori e Distillati



Grape variety: 100% Glera

Aging: 12 months into hungarian durmast tanks

Alcohol content: 42% vol.

Size: 0,50 lt.

Pairings: Kanelbullar, dark chocolate, zabaione

Service temperature: 18°



A spirit ambassador of authenticity and secular tradition carried on by the distillers of our region. It's an homage to Baldassarre Longhena, famous architect who designed our home Villa Fioravanti Onesti in 1680.

Once separated by the wort the skins of Prosecco grapes are transfered to the distillery where they start the procedure of cotrolled fermentation to preserve the enormous aromatic potential.

The skins are doubly distilled in large copper alembics: this marriage between traditional instruments and tecnology guarantee the full expression of the aromatic potential of Prosecco grapes.

The aging it's carried on into hungarian durmast tank for 12 months, this phase is fundamental to evolve the aromatic profile, that is enriched by a fine sweet spicy note that match very gently the more traditional fruity flavors.

It is produced starting from the skins of glera grapes that grows into our estate.