Rosè wines are produced from the vinification of red berry grapes as though they were white, undergoing a procedure that gives, initially, prevalence to the contact of the skins to the must so as to obtain the rosy color, while the following processes foresee vinification in white. They are therefore characterized by the same structure as red wines with, as well, the freshness of white wines. A unique mix. Only in the case of sparkling wines using a Curvèe of white and red grapes to which yeast is added to create a rich fermentation and the characteristic perlage to obtain a rosè, is allowed.

The Rosè Extra Dry Fioravanti Onesti is produced from the union of autochthonous white and red grapes typical of the Treviso area.

The wording Extra Dry defines the residual sugar content, in this case 18 grams per liter.

The fragrance is light and fruity with a prevalence of apricot and it has a low acidity. Perfect for the whole meal in the warm evenings of summer.

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