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To buy a Pinot Grigio Veneto is always a guarantee of quality and genuine taste. Work on the estate of Fioravanti Onesti has led to the production of quality wines appreciated for their authenticity. To cultivate this type of grapevine requires attention and harmony with the land, indications that reward those who decide to buy Pinot Grigio Treviso from the shop online, conveniently from home.
Pinot Grigio, one of the best know derivations of Pinot Nero, vinified in white maintains its fragrance and increases its versatility of pairing.
If compared to a basic white wine it must have a slight grey coloring due to the anthocyanins present in the grey-pink skin of the grape that remains in contact with the must for 24 hours. It is refined in the bottle for at least 6 months where the unmistakable fragrance of fresh fruit and spring flowers has time to mature, making it a wine which meets the taste of everyone.
Because of its slightly acidic flavor it is appreciated both as an aperitif as well as pairing with boiled fish, crustaceans, grilled white meats and generally with spring dishes due to its delicate fruity notesCabernet Franc D.O.C. is a grapevine typical of North Eastern Italy, its name expressing to perfection its particular characteristics: a sincere wine, clean and recognizable, earthy with an herbaceous background and a bouquet of dark fruits and licorice; fragrances that make it unique and appreciated by connoisseurs.For a long time considered a minor variety of Cabernet Sauvignon, today the Cabernet Franc D.O.C. expresses its strong personality creating full-bodied wines with a decisive herbaceous accent leaving the mouth cleansed.The taste of the Cabernet Franc Veneto produced on the estate of Foiravanti Onesti is definite and full of personality. The color is intense red and is not adapt for maturing in barrels, but is refined in bottles for at least 6 months.Foods recommended for pairing are those of decided flavor. Fresh water fish like salmon, roast beef, grilled or roast meats, potatoes with herbs, grilled mushrooms and matured, hard cheeses are all perfect.Cabernet Franc D.O.C. Treviso is best at a temperature from 16° to 18° C and is excellent for an evening with friends or a tasting of salami and cheeses.

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