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Delicate aftertaste of apricot, for those who love ‘la vie en rose’! Carolina Fioravanti Onesti

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Enologic Tradition

An evolution that has lasted for more than two centuries”

Antonio Caccianiga, on our “Ricordi della provincia di Treviso”, of the 1874

“Fioravanti Onesti – Wines since 1808, dedicated every day, with passion, to the magic link that unites man to wine.

This union is principally founded on the respect for nature and its rhythms and this is transformed into attention to those who purchase our wines. Everything rotates around our clients with whom we wish to have a relationship of reciprocal and long lasting trust. Those who know the brand Fioravanti Onesti and choose to drink their wines appreciate the value of every bottle, knowing that it is the result of years of work, in the fields, in the open air, under the scorching sun, the rain, the cold and then in the wine cellars, with vinification that uses only the best grapes and the best techniques. The aim of the estate at San Biagio di Callalta is to offer a wine of quality and make it accessible to everyone.

Our strength is in not having intermediaries; we produce and commercialize the wines ourselves. This choice distinguishes us from others and allows us to control personally the price of our wines. To drink well, moreover, must be possible anywhere and at any moment. Therefore our desire to open e-commerce that makes it possible to buy the products from home and receive them within a few days.

We try in this way, day after day, to evolve on the international market while remaining soundly characterized by our territory and going even further: exporting our typical product.”

Alvise Fioravanti Onesti

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